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Summer Camp Solstice 2020

This was the Summer Camp Solstice of 2020. Learn what we achieved!

Image by Kristopher Roller

What We Accomplished

Our 2-day camp was a huge success! We had a similar amount of kids as last time despite the much less variety in subjects! This time there was no charity event, but we did accomplish recognition!


We were able to control a two-day camp where we taught only VEX-related content. Despite the lack of content variety, the camp's popularity remained. We taught IQ for beginners and EDR for advanced.

Image by Gregory Hayes
Image by Ivana Cajina
Image by Ivana Cajina


We had around 30 students and 6 teachers. We had a dual schedule that was running at the same time for beginners and advanced robotics individuals. Topics such as TinkerCAD, sensors, and parts were explained.

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