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Change Up History

This is the page for our robot that we made in the 2020-21 Season: Change Up! All features and explanations are located here. This page also includes a lot of events that went on during that season.

early season change up.jpg

Phase 1:

The Basic 

This phase of the robot was early in the season around October - December. By now we had a basic understanding of the "meta" for this season. We had designed a basic robot that had intakes, a ramp, hood, and rollers.

Phase 2

Changes Discovered

Basically, this period of the Change Up season was January to February. Two of our team members, Lakshya and Aryan, were basically unavailable at this point. As we began to arrive at our first competitions, we noticed the flaws in our design.

mid season.PNG
late season change up.PNG

Phase 3

Making of the Final Robot

After our trial competitions, we fixed up the robot. The Hood became an I-Channel, we fixed up the intakes and rollers, and eventually made a fully complete robot. We then practiced the driving and auton.

Phase 4

A Satisfying Finish

We were able to win three awards at state with our robot and #2 in worlds at LRS! Everyone was satisfied with the outcome after many weeks of long hours put in for testing. A second trial robot with an X-Drive drivetrain was being built during this period, but was never completed.

end of season.PNG
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