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Winter Camp Solstice 2020

This page is dedicated to our December 2020 Charity Event for our Camp that we called "Camp Solstice"!

What We Accomplished

Raised Charity Funds

We were able to raise a considerable amount of money for the Amrita Seattle Charity foundation: 3583 dollars!

Number of Kids

We were able to include more than 30 kids in our various classes that ranged from Chess to Dancing!


EMS (Evergreen Middle School) themselves recognized us as contributors to this foundation.


This was team 938A's first ever charity event that we hosted. It was run by about 8 different instructors that taught a variety of topics, and not every one was VEX-related! This camp was known as Camp Solstice and was held from December 21-23.

This camp was run very successfully and was able to teach 10+ classes with 30+ kids partaking in the 3-day adventure. We had achieved a total donation of $3,583 from all the parents.

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